Monday, November 25, 2013

No.....I Did Not Fly Away In A Hot Air Balloon

    First of all, I can't believe we have not posted since the beginning of October! Things have been been a bit crazy around here! We had a lot of things to do with getting ready for the annual Craft Fair, and then a community yard sale.  Dad sold 7 of his paintings!!!! Boy, he sure was happy! Mom sold; walking sticks, crocheted purses, socks, sweaters and some other neat things. She also has been finishing up some afghans that are Christmas pressies. Both her and Dad have been changing things in the house, such as the Lanai. They wanted to be able to use that room more than they did. So........ they got rid of the "porch" furniture that was in there, and put a nice futon and easy chair in it. Also there are two "working tables". One for Dad to do his paintings on, and a craft/sewing table for Mom. Now......just have to put up some nice window coverings! Spare bedroom now has a real bed instead of the futon. Everything is slowly coming together and looks great.
     I have been taste testing some awesome treats that Dad found. All homemade with no extra gunk in them. Mom continues to make me my special sweet potato treats also! And.......I had a spa day with Mom the other day and for the first time ever, gave her a hard time about it! I even gave her the STINK EYE when she was clipping my furs!!!! We had a staring contest, I almost won! But after all that rough going, I have to say, I do look bootifuls!
    We will try our darndest to get back on track here a little more, so hopefully, you won't forget me! In case you have already. here's me again!

Still Smiling

Me in Mom's chair, BOL
Mom's table
Dad and his paintings

Monday, October 7, 2013

Someone Is After My Toys & More Balloon Pics

I generally like to keep a lot of my fave toys under the dining room table.  Dad sits here every AM and plays on his puter. So since I love being close to him, it is a super place for me to be also. But DANG! All of a sudden, I see the flashy beast intruding in on my private place!

Just get the heck outta here old lady! You CANNOT have any of my toys! Guess I had better keep a firm grip on this one, as she is known to pick them up and put them away!
I am always on guard,
Miss Mindy
PS: Mom, did you really expect Dad to dust all that wrought iron while you were away? You have been home a month now, what's the hold up? Get out that dust rag woman!!!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Me, My Toy, And Hot Air Balloons

I am gazing up at my Dad and waiting for him to suddenly reach down and pick up my toy. RATS! I think he is asleep.

Maybe I will just bury my nose in my toy and take a little snooze myself! Dad will wake up sooner or later and want to play with me.

The following: are some pictures taken at the Pittsfield NH Hot Air Balloon Rally in August. Mom stated she had a great time there, and NO, she did not go up in any of the balloons!!!

Lovies, Miss Mindy

Monday, September 23, 2013

Playing Ball And "Wooding"

I still play with balls a lot of the time! I must have about a dozen different ones in a nice little basket in the living room. Sometimes, Mom and Dad will throw all of them, one right after another just to see me go crazy! They both really laugh a lot when this is going on! I just love to make them laugh!

The next two pics, I will let Mom  explain about, as I know nothing about "Wooding".

During my stay in New Hampshire this summer, Ralph and I would converse once a day on the phone. He always asked me what I did that day, and once I replied: oh just my usual "wooding" (instead of carving). It was an accident that, that word came out of my mouth, and has become a bit of a joke since!
I often would take a walk in the woods there on the property, to find sticks to use for my projects. On the left side, was a stick that I thought could be made into a horses head. I had to shorten it quite a bit in order for it to take on the look better. It became a hiking stick for the 10 yr old girl that lives upstairs from my daughter. She loves horses, and you should have seen her face when I gave it to her! On the right side is a hiking stick made in two pieces, glued together, of a cat. I wasn't real pleased with the outcome of this one, but the 7 yr old girl I gave it to, seem to really like it. I made a total of 12 hiking stick/canes during my stay there. I mailed 8 of them home. They will be in a craft sale this November.

I also had a lot of fun carving some spoons. My daughter wanted me to make her a set to put on the wall in her kitchen. Forks are a bit hard to do, for me, so this was my rendition of a fork for her!

In the next few weeks, I will be including more pictures of my "wooding" that I did over the summer. I about killed my hands on many days, but happily endured the pain for the outcome!

Many lovies from Miss Mindy, of course!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

YUP! It's September And We Are BACK!

FINALLY, y'all get to see ME again! It feels like forever since I have gotten onto Blogger and been able to see all my friends here and you see me. But, now I am back!
So I spent the summer helping my Dad: build this little bench, plant lots of new flowers, trees and bushes in the yard, bask in the sun for hours at a time, tip a few Rum and Cokes, and eat enough to add an extra pound to my girly self. At times, we both were a little sad that our lady of the house wasn't around to nag us, but we managed to get by, somehow!

And we are both happy as can be!  Y'all know know what I mean?

Mom said she had a ton of exciting experiences with her kids and grandchildren, but the Pittsfield Balloon Rally was certainly one of the biggest highlights in New Hampshire! She has a number of beautiful pictures of the balloons. We may try and share some of those at a later date.

Mom got to spend a lot of time with her granddog, Charlie! He is the sweetest part Pit Bull she has ever met! I am just wondering, do you think he might be kinda a woosie since he is on his dad's (Clint) shoulders? Mom says absolutely not! These two guys just love each other!

Upstairs at the house Mom was staying at, lives Shadow. Hmmmm I think he is quite handsome! The little red Min Pin belongs to my sis Sherri and her husband Jim. Mom and her just fell in love with each other! (WHAT???)
Then there is Jake! He is another granddoggie that lives in East Aurora, New York. MY! What a big nose he has!

Here is Jake's sister, Mollie. I understand she is just a little love! HUMPH! Couldn't be anymore of a lover than I am! Just sayin!

All righty then, it's great to be back bloggin again!
See ya next week!
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

OWL Be Seeing You In September

Yep! It is a owl! But have you ever really seen a blue owl in your life? Apparently my Mom has! This bag is made out of blue and white "Plarn". You know, plastic bags cut into strips, used as yarn. It is also lined with an (nice) old blue T-Shirt. Mom is probably going to sell this at the communitie's craft sale this coming fall.

Now to tell you all why I will be gone until sometime in September.  My Mom is leaving today, to go and spend the summer up north; MA, NY, and NH. She will be able to spend lots of time with her children and grandchildren there! One of the reasons she is doing this, we just can't seem to be able to sell our house and move to NH!. The housing market is still just so bad, that we would lose thousands of dollars if we sold it  real cheap like some peeps are doing. The humans just can't afford to do that! So they have given up the idea for now. Dad says we may as well stay here! Mom????? Well I think you all know how much she has missed her family and dislikes the hot summers here. Sooooooo, Dad an Mom decided how to handle that problem for now, and just send her butt up north for the summer!!!! Now I got to make sure you all realize that me and Dad are going to miss her like crazy! I hardly see us two "bacheloring" with good results! Why Dad will probably not even clean the house till the day before she comes home or even do laundry often. I know I will get to eat my morning meal......but will he even remember my evening one?  He has NEVER given me a bath even! See what a predicament I am in? But.........I really need to remember.........and be strong.........this is for Mom's mental well-being! REALLY! She had just better send me some treats and toys from North Country!!! Maybe a little something for Dad to!

Now you all just remember how I look in the above pic, as I will probably be very skinny by the next time you see me! And......have a ton of dirty hair,  stink like heck, have very long nails, and be lying on my death bed!
Anyway, I do wish my Mom a very happy and healthy summer, just make it go fast!
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Monday, May 27, 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

Jeans Into A Purse?

Well, I guess I will give it my seal of approval............maybe.........just hope she never makes a purse out of ME!
Lovies, Miss Mindy

PS: Would you believe the center of the belt is crocheted out of VCR tape? And you wonder why I worry about my Mom!