Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sure wish I could post a pic of what I did to "THAT CLOCK"! Once I get home, I may do just that. We didn't do much yesterday, but went and played Bingo in the evening. I did not win, but both the girls won a little bit. Lucky them. We are going to Borders to get the kids some books today, (they both LOVE to read). I have a gift card to spend there........FUN! Going to Ted's for lunch. That is the home of the "footlong" and "curly" fries. YUM! After that, getting stuff for a good old fashion Polish meal later this week with my sis. We are not Polish, but were brought up on few different Polish dishes that we all love! My son, Clint, called from Iraq this AM. It was so good for all of us to be able to speak with him. He thought the grand kids sure sounded grown up. So we also are going to make up a package to send to him this week. Weather has not been the greatest, raining on and off, but sure is a lot cooler for me anyway. Hope it is good for fireworks this weekend!