Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Playing With My Bed

Sometimes, I have a lot of fun, playing with my bed! I enjoy pulling it all around the room, and getting it out of shape! You see, it actually opens up into a little cave! But......I DO NOT GO IN THE CAVE! I just like it at it's normal self! By the way, this is my daytime bed. I sleep in the big bed at night with the peeps! And.......when the peeps go out for a few hours, I sleep in my very own crate! (that I really love!) Now how many other pups have as many beds as I do? BOL!
OH! I have to tell you something exciting! This past weekend, Mom got out these boxy thingies that she calls suitcases. Then she put a whole bunch of clothes in hers. She says she has to take the clothes back out soon, and iron them for our big trip! Then she told me we are going to meet Madi and her Mom and Dad! I am so excited about seeing my BFFF Madi! We are suppose to go for a picnic in a park, but I don't think the Mads can go there, just doggies. We are pulling into their home town during the day of the 14th of August. So Madi, have your Mom e-mail me her phone # please!
Then the next day, we are going to New Jersey to meet up with a bunch of Dad's family and a nice little doggie that lives with them! I am sooooooo excited to meet a new doggie! After partying there for a few days, we will then drive to Massachusetts! That is where my two big human brothers and a little grandson live. WOW! Am I ever going to be busy! I will have to tell you all later, what is next on the trip agenda, as my paws are getting quite tired of typing now.
So y'alls have a happy day now, ya hear?
Lovies, Miss Mindy