Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wrong Information

The Army sure knows how to screw things up! What I posted yesterday was all a big misteak! I'm bummed. :(

A Dog Needs Presents Too

For many years Billy has really been into receiving gifts. It has been hilarious, watching him check out the gifts under the Christmas tree, smelling if any were for him. He enjoys Christmas and his birthday with almost as much enthusiasm as a child. The other day when a friend brought over a gift for me, Billy starting prancing around and getting so excited. You could actually see his disappointment, when he realized the gift was for me and not him. He kept looking at everyone of us, as if to say, Where's mine"? Finally, Ralph decided to put a couple of doggie treats in my gift bag, hoping it would satisfy Billy. I am happy to say, it did the trick! Enjoying his "gift".