Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hands On Her Pants

Mom recently got a Kindle, and now all she does is read, read, read! But, one day, she decided to make a cover for her Kindle. She first went to a thrift shop to buy a book that hopefully would be the right size. It cost her 50 cents! She then took an old pair of jeans, ( that grew to big for her), cut a piece out that would fit the outside of the book. Oh yeah, she actually cut out the inside of the book! (I sure wish she had given me the papers, what fun that would have been to play with)! She attached the material to the book with fusing tape. She then cut another piece of the material, to fit in the inside of the cover, again using fusing tape and the iron. You can see that she put some little elastic pieces on the right side, to hold the Kindle. Last of all, she hot glued those pockets on. The outside pocket will hold her cord and the little light she has. Now I want you to know, Mom did not come up with this idea all by herself! She saw it on Pinterest! But, she did of course design this one. The one she saw was not made out of old jeans! The reason she even decided to make this cover is because, SHE IS TO DANG CHEAP TO SPEND $40.00 ON A READY MADE ONE! 50 cents vs $40.00, way to go Mom! Now buy me some yummy treats with all that money you saved! (and maybe a denim purse)?
Lovies, Miss Mindy