Friday, March 16, 2012

A One Year Olds' Birthday Party

We are planning my birthday party right now. Just to let you all know some of the foodables we are having, I have included some nice picture of them. First of all, we just have to have CHEETOS! (right Puddles?)
Then, some juicy grilled chicken, but we can't let anyone eat the bones, just a warning.
Then some nice T-Bone steaks! Maybe you can eat these bones.
Top it all off with some delightful cherry ice cream cones!
Oops! I almost forgot!
ICE COLD GUINNESS to make all that good food go down the gullet with ease!
Don't forget now. The party is Wednesday, March 21, at 2PM till whenever! (Don't worry Puddles, we got a chandelier just for you!)

I am so excited to be turning one year old! Hope to see you all here!
HEY MOM DON'T FORGET TO BUY SOME CATNIP FOR ALL MY KITTY FRIENDS!!! (oops! Where's the backspace key? Didn't want anyone to hear me yelling to Mom!)

Lovies, your very excited friend, Miss Mindy