Friday, July 9, 2010

Western New York Loveliness

We arrived here in WNY Monday afternoon, and it has been so delightful! The grandchildren are such sweet angels and they are constantly warming my heart. As usual, being with my two daughters, is such an exciting experience! In this area of the country, Ralph and I are totally at peace with life. It feels like we belong here. (except for the winters) lol. We were going to purchase our leased Ford Escape, that we got here three years ago. Instead, we purchased a Ford Taurus Crossover. LOL I had a funny feeling this would happen. My son in law Joe, is the service manager at DeLacy Ford up here. The dealership was great three years ago and even better now. And, it is so nice to hear how loved our son in law is there! Billy is at ease with his bedroom, where he spends most of the time. He will have a story for you soon about, "The Big Bad Wolf". Today, we are going to a place where Ralph has never been, but the rest of us have, many times. Niagara Falls! I am hoping he will be in awe! So I am sure I will have many pics and more stories to share with all of you in another week or so.