Saturday, February 13, 2010

Arctic Camsters From Alaska To Florida

I have been on an extreamly fun website for almost a year and a half now. It is called Arctic Camsters. You may participate on this site by invitaion only. It all started on the Daily News Miner web cam site in Fairbanks AK. The DNM has a web cam, that overlooks a part of Fairbanks that, is quite close to FT Wainwright. Many people all over the world post on this page, their love of Alaska, other interesting facts, and prayer for those in distress. It is a wayto feel closer to the family members. Then, Mark, one of the "regulars", decided to develop the Arctic Camsters own page. One by one, some of us were invited to join. In the process, there have been many Arctic Camster meetings since. This is one that took place this past thursday, in Haines City FL. Roger 1st on left, and Kathy, 3rd on left, hail all the way from a cabin in Alaska and a house in Texas. Kurtis and Liz, 2nd and 3rd on right, have family ties in Fairbanks and now live in Winter Haven FL. Kurtis grew up in Fairbanks. They will be returning to Ak in a few years.  Ralph and I live in Davenport FL, and became fast friends online and in person with both couples. Another couple were suppose to be with us also, but were unable to make it. The two pieces of paper in front of the shades, are drawings of them, (unable to see drawings) so they were still able to participate. We have had many fun times with this web page, and have become very close to a lot of the people on there.