Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More Wedding Day Photos

The newlyweds had a nice walk on the beach of Lake Erie.
This is Mom's daughter, Jennifer, hubby Joe, Julia and Joey. I sure had a lot of fun with these peeps! They is just SAWEET!

My Mom and Dad of course.

A very cool wedding cake! All of the wedding party wore sneakers. After the wedding ceremony, Melissa did also. That's why the sneakers on top of the cake. She also has a big thing for stars! Mom said it was very tasty cake too! ( she did not save any for me).

Mom's great nephew, Sean. They just adored each other! His Dad, the brides brother, is in Afghanistan, and could not be there. But everyone did a toast to him, to come home safe and soon!
So that is it, for the family's wedding of the year. More precious memories were made!
Miss Mindy