Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween And A Trick On Mom

Can you still see the terror in my eyes? I got to say. it has been one rough week for me! I have so gotten my fill of Halloween and am not sure if I will EVER participate in this holiday again! Why my Mom doesn't even care about Halloween! I am really surprized she even came up with this idea of Halloween Spectacular Spookys!
I am even more surprized that I agreed to go along with her production of this!
Believe me, I am very worn out from this, and may be scarred for life now!
But first I have one more thing to be taken care of.THIS IS HOW MY MOTHER REALLY LOOKS!
And you all thought I had a wonderful easy life!
Hope y'all have a Happy Halloween, 
and thank your for joining us for our first and probably last,
(taking a rest till next Monday!)