Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Party

Wow! I am so tired after my birthday party! Just gonna lay my head on my unstuffed, stuffie, and rest for a bit!
A TON of my doggie and kitty friends came over to celebrate with me, and boy, did we ever do up this party right! Above, you can see the yummy treats we had every hour on the hour. Those were in-between, t-bone steak, chicken, Cheetos, Guinness, cake and ice cream! Gosh, that all was so good tasting!
We had all these balloons to play with! It got really loud here, with so many of them popping! We all decided to send a bunch of them up to doggie and kitty heaven too. That was so all our former pets, and friends pets, could have them. That was cool, watching them float away in the sky!
Then, Mom and Dad took all of us over to Cinderella's castle, to see the fireworks they had just for me! Talk about LOUD! WHEW! We all will be lucky if we can ever hear again! was beautiful!
After that, we came home for some of this delicious bone cake! I don't know why the picture is so small, cause that cake had to be about three feet long! It was yummy, and me and my friend devoured it fast! was quite a 1st birthday. Thanks to all my bloggie friends for attending, and making me such a happy one year old!
Just so you all know, there were no pups or kitties swinging from the chandelier, but.........Puddles and Madi did a super dance on top of the dining room table in their bikinis! (Mom was thinking, Thank God there wasn't a pole in the center of the table! BOL) There was some drooling going on during this dance, but I won't name any names!
I also want to thank all the new friends in Bloggland who came via Madi's tram to wish me a Happy Birthday!

A million lovies, Miss Mindy