Wednesday, May 29, 2013

OWL Be Seeing You In September

Yep! It is a owl! But have you ever really seen a blue owl in your life? Apparently my Mom has! This bag is made out of blue and white "Plarn". You know, plastic bags cut into strips, used as yarn. It is also lined with an (nice) old blue T-Shirt. Mom is probably going to sell this at the communitie's craft sale this coming fall.

Now to tell you all why I will be gone until sometime in September.  My Mom is leaving today, to go and spend the summer up north; MA, NY, and NH. She will be able to spend lots of time with her children and grandchildren there! One of the reasons she is doing this, we just can't seem to be able to sell our house and move to NH!. The housing market is still just so bad, that we would lose thousands of dollars if we sold it  real cheap like some peeps are doing. The humans just can't afford to do that! So they have given up the idea for now. Dad says we may as well stay here! Mom????? Well I think you all know how much she has missed her family and dislikes the hot summers here. Sooooooo, Dad an Mom decided how to handle that problem for now, and just send her butt up north for the summer!!!! Now I got to make sure you all realize that me and Dad are going to miss her like crazy! I hardly see us two "bacheloring" with good results! Why Dad will probably not even clean the house till the day before she comes home or even do laundry often. I know I will get to eat my morning meal......but will he even remember my evening one?  He has NEVER given me a bath even! See what a predicament I am in? But.........I really need to remember.........and be strong.........this is for Mom's mental well-being! REALLY! She had just better send me some treats and toys from North Country!!! Maybe a little something for Dad to!

Now you all just remember how I look in the above pic, as I will probably be very skinny by the next time you see me! And......have a ton of dirty hair,  stink like heck, have very long nails, and be lying on my death bed!
Anyway, I do wish my Mom a very happy and healthy summer, just make it go fast!
Lovies, Miss Mindy