Monday, February 6, 2012

Memory Monday #1

Memory Monday is going to be something new for a few months. Mom's will be showing you some OLD pics. I kinda need Mondays off, to recoup after our busy and fun weekends. See you all tomorrow.
Lovies, Miss Mindy

First of all, please excuse the quality of Monday's pics, as they are just photos taken of photos. The above photo of my family, was taken on Christmas of 1956, (I believe). From left to right, my mom, Evelyn, my sister, Darlene, me, and my dad, Allen, better known as Bud. Both my sister and I received a "Draft Dodger" doll from Santa Claus. We really liked them a lot and they were so cute in their red and white striped jammies! I may be wrong, but I believe I look a bit like my grandson Joey a little bit. We both have/ had round little faces and big eyes! I will have to ask my daughter Jennifer, if she agrees.

It's too bad that the "davenport" as it was called then, doesn't show up well. It was one of those OLD horse hair filled with something else, and not at all comfy. Oh and that ugly wallpaper! Yikes! How things have changed since then!
Have a great week my friends and see you next Monday.