Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jumping Monkey

Remember the old Jumping Jacks we had as little kids? You know, it was two sticks, a little guy on string, and when you squeezed the sticks, the little guy would flip and flop all over the place? Well, that was maybe 50-60 yrs ago. Now this toy in the picture, is on the same order as those Jumping Jacks. Only, it is 90+ yrs old! My grandfather made this toy for my dad, when he was a wee one. I don't remember if my dad or my grandmother gave this to me when I was little. But I have treasured it forever! At least 50-55 yrs or so. (thats forever hehe) When you hold it and push up on the square piece, it kinda flips into a few different positions. It is somewhat hard to see the face, but it is there. It is all original, except for one screw and nut. I also have to replace a screw and nut on the back arm one of these days. Hmmmmm...........what should I do with this..........who should I give it to? It is the only toy I have from my childhood. Funny how we only save certain things.