Monday, April 29, 2013

Trying To Locate My Gecko Friend

This is where I usually see my little friend. But he doesn't seem to be around right now.

Have you seen my friend Mom?

Maybe if I stand on my tippy toes, I will be able to locate him!

There you are little buddy! Come on down so we can chase each other all around!
Lovies to all, Miss Mindy

PS: Mom here, Miss Mindy did have a spa day. She is no longer feeling over-heated. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Just A Bit Sad

Can you tell I am a bit sad? I have so much hair on me, it might be hard to see just how I feel. It's starting to get a bit hot and humid around these parts, that having all this hair on me, just makes me feel worse too! Can someone please make my Mom and Dad take me to the groomers for a Spa Day? I will be in your debt forever!
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Monday, April 15, 2013

New Backyard Friends

HEY! Who's out there in my flower garden?
Hey Sugar, how ya doin?

Got Bugs?

Swinging in the breeze!

Playing Leapfrog! (recently repainted and looking pretty).

Sleeping soundly! (also recently repainted).

My Mom and Dad like to put frogs in our flower garden. They got a couple of new ones last week. I do not pay any attention at all to these guys! But............I just can't figure out why that little bunny sleeps so much! Oh well, off to see if I can catch any Geckos! least move!

Lovies, Miss Mindy

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I sure hope that those of you who Googled "Plarn", got a good answer. If you didn't find out, this is what it is. Plarn is a type of "yarn" made from plastic bags! You know the kind of bags we get our foodies in? YEAH! There are a couple of ways to cut up those bags, then roll it all up into a ball, just like real yarn. Right now Mom is making "Plarn" out of some blue bags she bought at the Dollar Tree store. She is making a purse out of it, and it has this color blue in it! No pics yet.........but I am sure you would like to see another pic of me right?
I am looking right at my Mom, using her "Plarn"!

Have a super fantabulous day!
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Monday, April 8, 2013

Wood Carving and Miss Mindy

Here are just a sampling of Mom's wood carvings. I sure "wood" love to sink my teeth into that cute little bear! She has been making tons of crochet hooks and letter openers, mostly from Crepe Myrtle tree branches. These will be gifts for every member of her family to give them this summer. Mr Dolphin was her very first project. And Fishy, Fishy sits in one of the headboard cubbies. Hope he doesn't fall on Dad's head some night and bite him! There is even more, but Mom has been very lax with her camera.

I am watching Mom make some Plarn. Does anyone know what Plarn is?

Amid all her crafty doings, my Mom does find time to give me some lovies!!!

That's all for today folks!
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Monday, April 1, 2013


I had a very enjoyable and quiet Easter! We all spent quite a bit of time outdoors in the sun, taking in all the warmth of a Florida afternoon.  Mom did some of her wood carving, cause that is to messy to do in the house. BOL! Not exactly sure what Dad was doing, but he sure was lifting his left arm quite often, I think he had a drink in his hand. He had done a lot of yard work on Saturday, so he wanted to relax on Sunday I guess. I went in the house about 2:30 and decided to have a few chews of my fave bone. That didn't last long, had to have a nap! After some shut eye on the recliner with Mom, we had a fabulous dinner. Boy, them mashed sweet potatoes sure were awesome!
What did you do for Easter and did you have anything great to eat?
Lovies, Miss Mindy
PS: Happy Dingus Day, and Happy April Fool's Day to all!