Friday, January 25, 2013

Mom Has Her Own Personal Jeweler

This is all the BLING my Mom had her friend Kathy make her recently! That is a real pretty bracelet at the top, with matching earrings just below. Then five more lovely pairs of earrings. None of these photos, do these beautiful pieces justices. They are really that much prettier in real life! Below are some close-ups. 

Dad calls these, The Lady Di earrings! He loves those the best on Mom!

Here are some bracelets with matching earrings that are going to be given as gifts. Some close-ups below.

Now see why Mom has her own personal jeweler?
To visit Kathy's website, and see all her jewelry and get some for yourself, go to; 
(for some reason, I can't link this web addy, so just copy and paste)

Hope you all enjoyed the BLING!
Lovies, Miss Mindy and Mom