Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mom's Birthday Part 2

Mom had decided she wanted to go to the Legal Seafood Restaurant for her birthday dinner. My Bro Greg, is a cook there, and knows everything about the place! That's my other Bro, Clint there, and of course my Dad. Since moving to Florida, Mom and Dad says they haven't had good New England Lobster in forever! Greg's GM provided us with four free wonderful appetizers! My parents were in Heaven!!

This is Mom's Lobster! The wonderful cooks upgraded the size, for no extra charge! (that's cause Greg is such a wonderful worker!  ha ha) Even though it was bigger than she had planned, Mom ate every bit of it! She "forgot" to give me any! But I forgave her, since it was her birthday!

Here is Dad showing off his Lobster. Can you tell by the look on his face he is lovin it already?

This metal fish statue was right behind us on the patio. Isn't it pretty with the changing evening sky?
We wanted to sit on the patio, because the peeps were enjoying the almost non existent humidity Mom said, you gotta love New England weather compared to Florida!

And me? Well I just sat in my Cinderella Coach and enjoyed the entire evening! Y'all didn't know about this, did ya!!! That's another whole story.
Many Lovies to my best Bros! Can't wait to see you again!
Miss Mindy