Monday, June 25, 2012

Today is my 1st GOTCHA Day!
Above, I am kissing my Dad, for the very first time! Mom said we chose each other, cause of our hair color is the same.

We just got done saying good-bye to one of my brothers, who also got adopted.

Here, I am saying bye to some of my other housemates, and hoping they get adopted soon too.

Don't I look cute in the Dodo chair? It's Dad's chair.
And, here I am, all grown up. I am 15 months old now!  I know how to really protect my folks from, other doggies, people, and golf carts going by our house! I do: sit, lay down, shake paws, and speak all by hand signals now, and am learning, roll over. I LOVE balls, chewy sticks, and unstuffing my stuffies. Mom and Dad are soooooo glad they chose me, and so am I!
Lovies, Miss Mindy