Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pretend Horsey And A Thank You

I like this chair, cause I almost feel like I am sitting on a horsey's back! All right! So I'm a little soft in the head! You think I would ever get on a real horse's back? Ah..........NO WAY! In the meantime, I will just pretend!

Gloria's turn: I really have to give out so many thanks to all of you who sent me special wishes and prayed for me. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for those and all the puppy and kitty kisses too. It all started a month ago, with an abnormal EKG. Further testing was done, and it was found that not enough blood was getting to the bottom of my heart. Sure enough, during the heart cath, they found a 90% blockage. So within a few hours, I had a stent placed into my heart. It absolutely amazes me, that all this could be done without any pain except needle pricks! While I thought I just might "feel" something, the Doctor is telling me he is all done! WOW! That sure was fast! So people, now a word of advice: Never put off your yearly physical! I ALWAYS DO! I HATE going to the doctors! So after being about six months late on my appointment, it was found then, that there could be a problem. I'm thinking now, at age 62, it is time to behave myself, in many ways, including timely doctors appointments!  Again, Thank You all my bloggie friends, two and four legged! I love you all! Gloria