Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mom's Turn To Blog

I am going to blog today, instead of Miss Mindy. It took me long enough to convince her I wouldn't take to much time away from her. My Son, Clint, recently got a new puppy. (Top picture) It is a very lovable pit bull named Gracie. He got it for free and assures me she is just the sweetest girl around, (well except for Miss Mindy of course). Anyway, I used to make his kitties many toys to play with. Clint asked me to make something for his Gracie. So I thought about it and decided that since most dogs like to play tug o war, I would make her that kind of toy. So I purchased some clothes line and just braided and twisted away. The top toy is for Gracie, and the bottom one is for Miss Mindy. Cheap and easy to make, and lots of fun for the dogs! Just don't tell Miss Mindy about hers please, as it is a Christmas present!