Monday, November 25, 2013

No.....I Did Not Fly Away In A Hot Air Balloon

    First of all, I can't believe we have not posted since the beginning of October! Things have been been a bit crazy around here! We had a lot of things to do with getting ready for the annual Craft Fair, and then a community yard sale.  Dad sold 7 of his paintings!!!! Boy, he sure was happy! Mom sold; walking sticks, crocheted purses, socks, sweaters and some other neat things. She also has been finishing up some afghans that are Christmas pressies. Both her and Dad have been changing things in the house, such as the Lanai. They wanted to be able to use that room more than they did. So........ they got rid of the "porch" furniture that was in there, and put a nice futon and easy chair in it. Also there are two "working tables". One for Dad to do his paintings on, and a craft/sewing table for Mom. Now......just have to put up some nice window coverings! Spare bedroom now has a real bed instead of the futon. Everything is slowly coming together and looks great.
     I have been taste testing some awesome treats that Dad found. All homemade with no extra gunk in them. Mom continues to make me my special sweet potato treats also! And.......I had a spa day with Mom the other day and for the first time ever, gave her a hard time about it! I even gave her the STINK EYE when she was clipping my furs!!!! We had a staring contest, I almost won! But after all that rough going, I have to say, I do look bootifuls!
    We will try our darndest to get back on track here a little more, so hopefully, you won't forget me! In case you have already. here's me again!

Still Smiling

Me in Mom's chair, BOL
Mom's table
Dad and his paintings