Friday, July 10, 2009

The Lovely Julia

Julia loves to smile for the camera, She loves to "hang out" in the back yard,

She loves a relaxing swing in the breeze,

And, she loves to catch the baseball!

Julia is nine years old, and is my first grandchild. She was named after my sister's little girl, who died after an unfortunate car accident. That little Julia was named after my maternal grandmother. She was only four yrs old at the time she died. My daughters would send up balloons to her in Heaven, when ever they had them. Sherri and Jen always said, whichever of them had the first girl, she would be named Julia. My grandaughter is quite the reader! Her and I kinda had a contest to see who could finish our book first. Since none of my children ever loved to read, it really warms my heart to know she does! She has also had the chance to donate her hair to "Locks of Love" twice now. I'm sure she will be doing it again. Her latest endeavor in life is; learning to play the violin. I sure can't say her first tries were music to my ears! Maybe next time.