Friday, August 19, 2011

They Almost Peed Their Pants!

See that pic above? That's me in some unused, hand me down, jammies! One evening, Mom quietly took me into the spare bedroom, where all of Billy's things are. She had something up her sleeve, to pull a joke on Dad. Except, I never saw her pull anything out of her sleeve?????? Anyway.......she took these jammies out of their package, and put them on me! Then.........I go running out into the living room where Daddy is. Well let me tell you.........he just laughed so hard, them Mom started laughing. I guess I was pretty funny, so I started laughing too! This went on for quite awhile. I quite liked these jammies and was a bit sad when Mom took them off. She said, wait till the winter time, you will really need them then! So OK, I will wait. You got a problem though, if they don't fit then Mom!!! I think I look very cuddly in them!

PS. Mom has a four day weekend, cause it is hers birthday on Sunday! We is all gonna live it up and do some visiting with some friends, and go to the place where they found me, and eat good stuff, and just have one heck of a weekend!
Puppy kisses, Miss Mindy