Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Next Stop Or 40 yrs Later

Our next stop, was in Runnemede, New Jersey. This is where Dad's twin brother lives, and his sister, nearby in PA. That's John on the left, Jean, then my dad. Mom had never met her BIL in all the 10 yrs her and Dad have been together, so she was particularly excited about this!  She had met Jean a few yrs ago though. The sister had been out of the picture for about 40 years until this past winter. I won't go into that. So, it was a very big reunion for everyone there! Dad's brother, John, had a very big party for us. Gosh it sure was a lot of crazy fun meeting so many new peeps! The only thing I didn't like, was the little boys running around the pool! I barked a lot at them!! I even got a a dip in the pool. I wasn't to sure about that, and when Mom let me go, I immediately swam to the side. To much water for me I guess! Mom and Dad were very proud of how I was just settling in, to every place we were going, and didn't care that I was not impressed with the pool at all. The back yard was all fenced in, so for three days, I ran as free as a bird. I believe I lost a few ounces from all that exercise! We got a ton of family pics that we will treasure forever!
Lovies to my NJ and PA peeps!
Miss Mindy