Sunday, June 26, 2011

Look- A- Likes

Yeah, so as soon as I saw this Guy walking up to my crate, I was smitten! He has the same color hair as I do, so I thought I would just check him out. He smelled good to me, so I sorta cuddled up to him and nestled into his shoulder.  Don't you think we look a lot alike? But............he told his Woman he needed to go have a beer to think about me. Now of course the Woman had this visit kinda planned out, and she decided to let the Guy go have a beer to mull me over. What ever that means. Anyways, they came back after awhile and the Woman gave my owner a plastic card. I really would have liked to chew a bit on that card, hehe. Then..........they took me for a ride to Pet Smart. I guess they took me there cause I am so Smart! They bought me some food, some toys and some puppy shampoo. All the girls that work there were oohing and ahhing over me, hehe that was fun! Then we went for another ride, to a very nice house. The Man and Woman  said this was my new home! I am having a lot of fun here! The best part is that I am learning a very special trick, Blogging!!! Anyway, I am kinda tired now, but I promise to see you all again soon. But. just in case you were wondering, I am a Snorkie! (Schnauzer and Yorkie mix). I weigh about 5 lbs, and my name is Miss Mindy!

Woman: Some people may think that we sure didn't wait very long after Billy's passing, to get another puppy. True for some maybe, but this was love at first sight! Miss Mindy is very different from Billy, and will never take his place, but oh the void is filling up! The Man and I are sooooooo happy today!