Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Non Ugly A$$ Dog

Thanks to all my bloggie friends, for having my back yesterday! I am not sure why anyone could say that to my Mom, but I sure know she was upset! (I overheard her and Dad talking). You see, this was a friend at work, and a FB friend. Not a close friend, but a supposed Christian friend. This friend has had lots of faith chats with my Mom, so can you imagine the shock Mom had hearing this? People are not always as they appear to be I have been told. I sure am glad my Mom and Dad are what they appear to be, to me. Sure sometimes they raise their voices just a tad when I beg them for their foodies to much, but I gotta tell ya, they is just the sweetest couple of peeps I have ever known! I am not the "normal" type of Yorkie, cause I have only light, thin hair, and now I'm loosing a lot of that. (why I always wear a shirt). I am just different! Not everyone can get use to "different" That's just one of the reasons I have received so much love from my family. Oh yeah, and cause I is such a nice loving boy!  I AM different! I AM unique! I AM special! I AM, my Mom and Dad's greatest little pup they have ever had! ( they said this)! I AM BLESSED! So even though I found out this "friend" was talking about me, I am going to forgive her, just like Mom did! After all, I receive so much love, it just doesn't all fit into this little body of mine. So, I got lots to give back! Many Blessings to all of you, my dear friends! Love furever, Billy