Monday, September 10, 2012

My Cindarella Coach

Here I am in my Cinderella Coach! We just happened to go into a Petco in Raleigh, NC, and my Mom bought this. Now I gotta tell you that she did quite a bit of looking on the Internet about these, and she was determined to get one! My Dad though she was perfectly foolish to waste spend any kind of money on one, and strongly stated, HE WON'T BE CAUGHT DEAD PUSHING IT! Mom used to think they were foolish, except for the aged dog to get some fresh air. But then she realized, she could take me so many more places if we owned one. So after Mom got her way, she enticed me with a few treats, and I settled into it with no problem. The rest of the day, she took me for more walks with treats, and I said, OK LET's KEEP IT AND SHOW DAD WHAT A DINWIDDIE HE IS! (Dinwiddie is another whole story). 
Here, I am showing off to my new friends, Jessica and Lexi in New Jersey.
When we got in MA and Mom started taking me into all these different stores, Dad finally decided Mom might just have some smarts after all!! I told him, MOM IS SMART ALL THE TIME! BOL.
My little nephew, Ayden in fact really enjoyed pushing me all around, and so did my bro Greg! Those two guys had no problem, so why does my Dad? Maybe it is because he is a Dinwiddie!
Lovies to all, especially my Mom, for getting me a Cinderella Coach!