Monday, September 3, 2012

We're BACK!

Gosh! I really missed all my friends here in Blogland! But we sure are back now with a whole lot to tell you! We left home about 10pm, cause Dad likes to drive the first leg of our journey at night. I just snuggled down into my car seat, and went to sleep.
This is Madi's Mom and Dad! We had a picnic lunch with them in a very nice park! I am sniffing for my BFFF, Madi on her Mom's hand. Madi sent me some really nice smell mail along with her parents! I sure have had a great time with it! (mom forgot to take pics of it! DUH!) I really liked my Bloggie friend's parents!

We went into a building to see this carousel, but some mean old lady came and told me to get out, no dogs allowed! Mom had a pic of Andy Griffin and Opie here too, as bronze statues, but it disappeared????

On our walk around the park, I met up with one of my distant cousins. We just sniffed each other all over, then went on our separate ways.

Here's Madi's Mom and my Mom! They both said what a good time they had together! I thought it was quite fun too! I sure got a lot of new smells in this day!

This is my "Back Seat Driver Pose". Since my Dad is an old guy, (tee hee), I had to make sure he knew where he was going!
It sure was nice visiting Raleigh NC and the peeps there!
Lovies, especially to my BFFF Madi,
Miss Mindy