Monday, October 7, 2013

Someone Is After My Toys & More Balloon Pics

I generally like to keep a lot of my fave toys under the dining room table.  Dad sits here every AM and plays on his puter. So since I love being close to him, it is a super place for me to be also. But DANG! All of a sudden, I see the flashy beast intruding in on my private place!

Just get the heck outta here old lady! You CANNOT have any of my toys! Guess I had better keep a firm grip on this one, as she is known to pick them up and put them away!
I am always on guard,
Miss Mindy
PS: Mom, did you really expect Dad to dust all that wrought iron while you were away? You have been home a month now, what's the hold up? Get out that dust rag woman!!!