Wednesday, June 29, 2011

They Call This A Teething Ring?

I do believe this is one cool toy! I like to run around the house with it. And when I go in  my crate, it always goes with me. Know why it is pink? Cause the Woman said I should have a pink one! Girls love pink she says.  The Guy almost bought a blue one, but the Woman insisted on pink! The Guy got his way when he said NO PINK HARNESS. They picked a denim one instead. The Woman whispered in my ear, don't worry Miss Mindy, I will make sure you get LOTS of Girlie Girl things, and then she giggled so, it tickled! See ya!
Puppy Kisses from me.

SWEEEEET! I just love nibbling on it! It also makes my mouthie feel good! Thanks Women, for buying it for me!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Friend In The Bedroom

I have a friend here in the bedroom. Sometimes I bring her my toys to play with. We paw each other all over, and give each other kisses. The only bad thing with my friend, she is not furry like me, even though she looks like she is, and she is kinda cold! Oh well. Have a nice day friends!
Puppy Kisses, Miss Mindy

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hi, It's Miss Mindy Here

Here I am to say hi to all my new friends! I understand that a very sweet boy Yorkie had this blog before me. MAN! HE SURE LEFT A LOT OF TOYS BEHIND FOR ME! But the woman did buy me some new ones too! It sure sounds like he was a pretty nice little pup! I am hearing a couple of words a lot, Mommy, Daddy and NO! I'm thinking I am beginning to understand NO, but not the Mommy and Daddy words. I love my new house and the Guy and the Woman, and even love my crate! (I was already use to a crate though). I am even enjoying this trick of Blogging! Yesterday, I was hitting to many keys on the lappytop, and I guess I messed up the mouse! Whats a Mouse? Anyway, the Woman fixed it after a few minutes. So all you pups and felines have a wonderful day, OK? I am so excited to get to know all of you! It is going to be quiet around here today I've been told. The woman is going to go out and make some bacon she says. Hope she brings me home some, cause that sounds good!
Puppy Kisses from Miss Mindy

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Look- A- Likes

Yeah, so as soon as I saw this Guy walking up to my crate, I was smitten! He has the same color hair as I do, so I thought I would just check him out. He smelled good to me, so I sorta cuddled up to him and nestled into his shoulder.  Don't you think we look a lot alike? But............he told his Woman he needed to go have a beer to think about me. Now of course the Woman had this visit kinda planned out, and she decided to let the Guy go have a beer to mull me over. What ever that means. Anyways, they came back after awhile and the Woman gave my owner a plastic card. I really would have liked to chew a bit on that card, hehe. Then..........they took me for a ride to Pet Smart. I guess they took me there cause I am so Smart! They bought me some food, some toys and some puppy shampoo. All the girls that work there were oohing and ahhing over me, hehe that was fun! Then we went for another ride, to a very nice house. The Man and Woman  said this was my new home! I am having a lot of fun here! The best part is that I am learning a very special trick, Blogging!!! Anyway, I am kinda tired now, but I promise to see you all again soon. But. just in case you were wondering, I am a Snorkie! (Schnauzer and Yorkie mix). I weigh about 5 lbs, and my name is Miss Mindy!

Woman: Some people may think that we sure didn't wait very long after Billy's passing, to get another puppy. True for some maybe, but this was love at first sight! Miss Mindy is very different from Billy, and will never take his place, but oh the void is filling up! The Man and I are sooooooo happy today!

Friday, June 24, 2011


The gardenias are no longer flowering in our yard, so I really miss the smell of them floating over to my patio chair!

Monday, June 20, 2011


This post was writtin by Billy about a week before he died. I wasn't going to post it, then thought, he would have wanted me to anyway.

Remember the very colorful blankie I showed you last week? Well, Mom still had a lot of crochet thread left so: she took 14 strands from 14 balls of thread, all different colors, used a very large crochet hook, and made this beautiful "Rag" rug! Then she made a nice thick potholder, (no pic of that). She thinks she has enough left over to make one more pot holder too. She still has some odds and ends left over, and is planning to make some "kitty toys" for her grand kitties in MA. I will have her take some pics of those too. Now, the most important thing here is, Dad will not be able to complain about moving all her crochet thread to NH!!! She is so sly! BOL! (by Billy, a few weeks ago)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Time DOES Go On

I cannot say that the past week and a half has been easy, but my heart and mind is much more at ease with Billy's passing, than I ever thought it could be. We decided to have Billy cremated, and we now have his ashes at home, in a beautiful little cedar box. The company also made a clay impression of a paw. What wonderful people at the veterinarians! So supportive! We have received a number of sympathy cards also. One was to tell us that a tree has been planted in Billy's honor. Both Ralph and I have to thank the many Blogger friends that posted such kind remarks on here also! This Blogger community I am involved in, certainly has some of the best people in the world as far as I am concerned. You are all so special to us! In case you don't realize it, my new header pic, is a photo of a very special flower. Sweet William! After all, that was part of Billy's AKC name!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"The Day Is Done"

" The Day Is Done" I have a CD tucked away, with this very special song on it. I can't even remember who sings it, but I have always loved it. Today, I dedicate it to my Billy. He was not eating well for the past few months and he took a turn for the worse this week. His Daddy and I decided this morning, that it was time for him to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Just before 11 AM, he did just that. He is now running and jumping like the youngster he once was! He was my little buddy, and my sweet baby for 13 1/2 years. What wonderful memories I have! Thank You Lord for giving me the most wonderful caregiving job, of such a precious darling! And I thank my husband Ralph also, who grew to love this little guy as much as I did, for the past eight years. What a tight pair they had become! And also, to my friends and family that have visited this blog, I thank you too, for being here for us these past few years on here. This is not the end of my blog, but it may be a very long time before I have anything of interest to put on it. I sure will continue reading all of yours, but if I don't comment for awhile, please understand.

Shufelt's Sweet William, AKA Billy
Born: 11-23-97
Gotcha day: 1-31-98
Died: 6-8-11

And always remember, Dog is spelled God backwards! Our dogs certainly give us a reminder of God's true Love!

Twinkle In My Eye

See the twinkle in my eye? Thats just after I cleaned up that Bailey's Irish Cream iced coffee! WHAT! you say it's not real Bailey's! It's only a creamer! But I feel so good and relaxed right now. It sure tasted like the real thing! Wait a minute..............I don't know what the real thing tastes like! Maybe you could buy some Mom??? Then we both could have a twinkle in our eyes.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Lickins

Hmmmm........somebody must have spilled some food on this blankie, cause it's quite tasty! I can't quite make out what this flavor is though...........but I'm thinking it just may be Bailey's Irish Creme flavored iced coffee! Mom, you can drip your iced coffee anytime! I will surely find it and clean it up!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Many Thousands Of Stitches

My Mom has had a closet full of crochet thread, like FOREVER! Some of she got off E-bay for different projects, the rest she bought. She decided that she could not move these to New Hampshire, (once we sell this house), cause Dad would have a FIT and a half!!! So..................she decided to make a twin sized blankie out of all of it! (then she could take it with her! Ain't she smart?) After many thousands of stiches, and hours of work, this is her completed blankie. Just maybe...............I will be able to cuddle with her under it, I'm hoping anyway! Believe it or not, she still had some thread left, so I will show you next week, what she did with it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not These Sleeves Please

NO! I do NOT like the sleeves on this shirt! They are too hot!
There, that's better! Good thing my Mom likes to  pretend to be a seamstress!
(Mom must like the color orange a lot. I seem to be getting quite a few oranges shirts lately! Also, just wanted you to know, this is a size newborn onesie made over just for me! On sale for $1. 26! How do you like the little red dog?)