Monday, March 7, 2011

For Sale

No, not me you silly peeps! Our house is for sale! My folks have decided they have had enough of Central Florida! They want to move back up north, to New Hampshire! You see, my big sis, Sherri lives there and my two bros live in Massachusetts. My other sis lives in New York. Mom misses my siblings like crazy! Also the grandchildren! (One in MA and two in NY). The folks have even said they miss the four seasons and snow! Can you imagine? They miss snow? Well, what do you expect from a couple of senile old folk! As far as the RVing goes, there will be no full time RVing, but perhaps a smaller camper for some fun vacations! Time will only tell, but the house is now up for sale! Maybe these next few months will brings peeps from up north who are tired of all the snow they have gotten this year! Already had a few lookers. I remember when we were tired of Now the big difference is, no one will have to get the car out right away and go to work! Whatever, they say,
 deal with that as it happens. So if anyone wants a 2bedroom, 2bathroom, house 15 minutes to Disney, get in touch with the old folks! I don't care where I go or where I live, just as long as I am with the peeps I love! Billy