Monday, December 26, 2011

Thank You Santa Paws!

This is my Christmas bag, all full of goodies! Mom took a video of me getting into it, but it won't load on Blogger! Anyway, The first thing I found, was a ball!  I ran away with it, chewed it a bit, then I came right back to my bag! Inside I found, the pink flat dog you can see above.
Next there was this white rope thingy. OK I get it! It's a Tug O War rope! NEAT!
Then.........there was this awesome BIG greasy bone! Dad was nice and opened it for me!
Here's a closer look at my bone. (after I already chewed off some of one end BOL)
Here is a better pic of the flat dog toy, and what I did RIGHT AWAY to my ball! BOL, BOL, BOL!
There was still another toy, I will show that to you all another day. I had an AWESOME 1st Christmas! Now I understand why we have all these decorations around here and why we were having a big birthday bash, cause Mom told me the story about The First Christmas, when the Baby Jesus was born. They all sure sounded like a very cool family! So I said with my Mom; "Happy Birthday Jesus"! It was the best birthday party I have been to yet! Oh wait a minute, it was the first and only birthday party I have ever been to!
Hope all my friends in Blog land had a Very Merry Christmas!
Lovies, Miss Mindy