Monday, May 6, 2013

The Naked Ninny, AKA Miss Mindy

This is how I looked after my Spa Day! Did I tell you my Mom was my beautician for the day? Well she was! She gave me the best bath ever! Tearless puppy shampoo was used for my little head, and a nice oatmeal shampoo for the rest of my body. I then got all rinsed off with a massage shower head. Lastly, an excellent rubdown with an Egyptian towel. Not sure why that kind of towel would make a difference, but it sure felt good! Since it is starting to get quite warm here in Florida, she decided to cut every last one of my hairs off!!! I don't much liked to be brushed, and my hairs get a bit knotty, so another good reason to be a Naked Ninny! Actually, I rather like the look of more hairless legs on me! The bad part of the day was when she cut one of my nails to short! I had a LOT of licking to do to make it all better! KEEP THAT WOMAN AWAY FROM NAIL CLIPPERS PLEASE!
I am thinking, why spend $40.00 at Pet Smart for Spa Time, when she can do it?? Then she can just take those bucks and buy me toys and goodies, right?
Feeling cool and pretty,
Miss Mindy