Monday, December 17, 2012

We Won This Spectacular Book!

We recently won this awesome book, from Bobbi and her very special doggie, Gracie! You can find them here, on their bloggie, Gracie Owns Me.
Bobbi actually took years to write this book about parental alienation.  We ere so delighted to hear she got it published! It is a definite tear jerker, so I suggest you have some Kleenex's handy.

This is the inside of the cover which is autographed by both Bobbi and Gracie. And guess what? Gracie even added some of her hairs!!! See them?

So here I am sniffing Gracie's hairs. I am wondering what kind of perfume she uses, cause I would like to get some!
I also got some yummy cookies with the book! See....right above my head. YUM!
Mom says y'all gotta read this book, like now! It is available on Amazon.
Thanks again, Bobbi and Gracie, Lovies, Miss Mindy