Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Know You Have All Been Waiting

This what I ended up doing with it! OUT WITH THE TRASH! I thought about taking it with me on the "Mind Eraser" ride, as it was making me lose my mind!

I thought about drowning it at the water park!

I thought about throwing it in this bonfire!

I thought........maybe the bunny would enjoy it more than me!

I thought about sending it up with the rockets red glare!

I thought about letting it get run over by the John Deer (and my son in law)!

I even thought about hanging it from this tree! (But I like the tree to much)
Thank goodness I only thought about doing all these things! I actually took it out of the trash and put it in the kids playroom. It continued to speak only to me, during my entire stay. At least it was no longer in the bedroom I was sleeping in!!!!!! Fisher Price.....did you give this toy to my grandson when he tested some of your other toys??? Curses on you FP, if you did!

Joey looks so innocent, Thats a laugh! He loves his big sister so much!

ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM on everything he takes for a ride.

And has a ton of silly faces!

Joey is six yrs old and going into first grade. He astounded me this past week with the way he reads so well. He, like his sister, loves his books. One day he actually took along a Bible in the car and was reading to us from it. He has at least a million books, well maybe not that many. He looks kinda like my oldest son Clint, when he was little, but acts like my younger son Greg. You just never know what he is going to do or say next. He has us laughing all day and into our dreams at night!