Monday, September 24, 2012

Prizes In The Mail

One recent day, I got a package in the mail! Isn't it cute with all the paw prints on it? It is from a friend, Garth Riley! I had won a prize in his LOL contest! Please check his bloggie out, cause he sure is handsome!

These are the two little ornaments, handmade by Garth's Mom!

This is the backside view of the ornies. Aren't they so cute on both sides? We have no idea what they are made of, but the craftsmanship is just beautiful!

I also received this great toy! I immediately grabbed it out of Mom's hand, and ran away to play with it! Less than an hour later,

It looked like this! BOL! I can destroy almost anything! But Mom, being the wonderful person she is, put it all back together, and I took it,

with me, for a nap!
It is still together to this day! Mom fixes lots of things for me with CARPET THREAD! BOL!
Thanks again Garth and many lovies to you!
Miss Mindy