Friday, September 28, 2012

Portrait Of A Doggie Diva

How do ya'll like this new portrait of me?
Mom's been playing around with "PicMonkey" a bit lately.  This is her first try with this particular program. This is actually just a mobile phone, pic done up all pretty like!
I hope she does some more soon, cause I really like it!
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Monday, September 24, 2012

Prizes In The Mail

One recent day, I got a package in the mail! Isn't it cute with all the paw prints on it? It is from a friend, Garth Riley! I had won a prize in his LOL contest! Please check his bloggie out, cause he sure is handsome!

These are the two little ornaments, handmade by Garth's Mom!

This is the backside view of the ornies. Aren't they so cute on both sides? We have no idea what they are made of, but the craftsmanship is just beautiful!

I also received this great toy! I immediately grabbed it out of Mom's hand, and ran away to play with it! Less than an hour later,

It looked like this! BOL! I can destroy almost anything! But Mom, being the wonderful person she is, put it all back together, and I took it,

with me, for a nap!
It is still together to this day! Mom fixes lots of things for me with CARPET THREAD! BOL!
Thanks again Garth and many lovies to you!
Miss Mindy

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mountain Beauty

I wanted to share these photos of the beautiful West Virginia mountains with you all.

This was a terrific scenic viewing area that we stopped at.

Pretty neat place huh?
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What A Long Ride

When I am on a really long ride, I sometimes do this!
Yeah.....I get all comfy!
In this pic, you can see my car seat all flattened out near my head. My parents decided not to use it for me, as I threw up three different times in it! Maybe the air pillow made me to wobbly??? I did not throw up once, when not using it! Of course, I went without breakfast on those  non car seat days too. But ......I was given small amounts of foodables through out the day. Anyone want to buy a dog car seat, cheap???
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Can You See Me

You can't see me very well huh? Apparently, Pinterest is WAY more important than me!
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gettin Comfy

I just love a pillow beneath my head!
In fact, two pillows are good!
(Taken in a hotel room on vacation)
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Monday, September 17, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

Would You Believe

My Mom gave me two baths while on vacation???
Lovies to her anyway,
Miss Mindy

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Girls

My Mommy with her two daughters, Sherri and Jennifer, and granddaughter, Julia
Many lovies to four lovelies!
Miss Mindy

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More Wedding Day Photos

The newlyweds had a nice walk on the beach of Lake Erie.
This is Mom's daughter, Jennifer, hubby Joe, Julia and Joey. I sure had a lot of fun with these peeps! They is just SAWEET!

My Mom and Dad of course.

A very cool wedding cake! All of the wedding party wore sneakers. After the wedding ceremony, Melissa did also. That's why the sneakers on top of the cake. She also has a big thing for stars! Mom said it was very tasty cake too! ( she did not save any for me).

Mom's great nephew, Sean. They just adored each other! His Dad, the brides brother, is in Afghanistan, and could not be there. But everyone did a toast to him, to come home safe and soon!
So that is it, for the family's wedding of the year. More precious memories were made!
Miss Mindy

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Wedding

This is Mom's niece, Melissa and her almost hubby, Mike.

Mom said this priest, was super!

Sealed with a kiss!

Very cool car Mike and Melissa drove off in!

Of course, I could not go to the wedding, as they didn't allow dogs there. No problem Mom said. She told me how I would be spending about 24 hours at at really nice Pet Hotel! Oh cool, I thought.
It really was a lot of fun! I got to play with a whole bunch of really nice doggies! WOW! I had never seen so many doggies in one place before!
The only thing I was not fond of, was all the barking going on, Some of those dogs just did not know how to shut up! All in all, I did just fine though, and got an A+++ report card as I left with Mom.
Lovies, to all,
Miss Mindy

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Cindarella Coach

Here I am in my Cinderella Coach! We just happened to go into a Petco in Raleigh, NC, and my Mom bought this. Now I gotta tell you that she did quite a bit of looking on the Internet about these, and she was determined to get one! My Dad though she was perfectly foolish to waste spend any kind of money on one, and strongly stated, HE WON'T BE CAUGHT DEAD PUSHING IT! Mom used to think they were foolish, except for the aged dog to get some fresh air. But then she realized, she could take me so many more places if we owned one. So after Mom got her way, she enticed me with a few treats, and I settled into it with no problem. The rest of the day, she took me for more walks with treats, and I said, OK LET's KEEP IT AND SHOW DAD WHAT A DINWIDDIE HE IS! (Dinwiddie is another whole story). 
Here, I am showing off to my new friends, Jessica and Lexi in New Jersey.
When we got in MA and Mom started taking me into all these different stores, Dad finally decided Mom might just have some smarts after all!! I told him, MOM IS SMART ALL THE TIME! BOL.
My little nephew, Ayden in fact really enjoyed pushing me all around, and so did my bro Greg! Those two guys had no problem, so why does my Dad? Maybe it is because he is a Dinwiddie!
Lovies to all, especially my Mom, for getting me a Cinderella Coach!

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Hanpshire

We drove up to New Hampshire to see our realtor, and also to pick up my human sis Sherri, for the drive to Western NY. We decided to surprise her at her work, that sure was a funny scene!! The only pic Mom took up in NH, was of this house her and Dad are interested in. Unfortunately, if we don't sell the house in Florida soon, it will no longer be available for us. Whatever Mom said, something better will come up. She is getting very anxious to move to NH and get out of the heat and humidity of FL! She really has the need to be closer to her kids and grandchildren too. She also tells me I will have a ball running in snow! SNOW, whats that?
Lovies to my future home state,
Miss Mindy

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mom's Birthday Part 2

Mom had decided she wanted to go to the Legal Seafood Restaurant for her birthday dinner. My Bro Greg, is a cook there, and knows everything about the place! That's my other Bro, Clint there, and of course my Dad. Since moving to Florida, Mom and Dad says they haven't had good New England Lobster in forever! Greg's GM provided us with four free wonderful appetizers! My parents were in Heaven!!

This is Mom's Lobster! The wonderful cooks upgraded the size, for no extra charge! (that's cause Greg is such a wonderful worker!  ha ha) Even though it was bigger than she had planned, Mom ate every bit of it! She "forgot" to give me any! But I forgave her, since it was her birthday!

Here is Dad showing off his Lobster. Can you tell by the look on his face he is lovin it already?

This metal fish statue was right behind us on the patio. Isn't it pretty with the changing evening sky?
We wanted to sit on the patio, because the peeps were enjoying the almost non existent humidity Mom said, you gotta love New England weather compared to Florida!

And me? Well I just sat in my Cinderella Coach and enjoyed the entire evening! Y'all didn't know about this, did ya!!! That's another whole story.
Many Lovies to my best Bros! Can't wait to see you again!
Miss Mindy

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mom's B-Day Part 1

I finally got to meet my human brother, Greg! He lives in MA. He had to go to work that day, so we just had another picnic in a park.  Greg sure seemed to be a very nice guy! Think I will keep him around for awhile! (BOL)

The next day was Mom's 29th birthday???? HUH? Well, thats what her boys said! I honestly thought she was much older!
Anyway, we took the grandson, Greg's son, to a super park called, World War 1 Memorial Park. There were some very neat animals there, none I had ever seen before. The smells around that place were just terrific! In fact, I think I was getting a bit high on those odor's! (tee hee)

We walked all around the park, and came upon this wishing well. Greg put a quarter in and made a wish for him and Ayden. There were many playing areas for kids, and of course we stopped at every one for Ayden. 

Ayden sure enjoyed being pushed on the swings by his dad! I don't think I would have wanted to do that though. I really loved this little guy, and his Dad and hope I get to see them again soon, and certainly more often! Maybe the wish that was made........was to sell our house in FL, so we can move back up north?????
Many Lovies to Greg an Ayden,
Miss Mindy

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Next Stop Or 40 yrs Later

Our next stop, was in Runnemede, New Jersey. This is where Dad's twin brother lives, and his sister, nearby in PA. That's John on the left, Jean, then my dad. Mom had never met her BIL in all the 10 yrs her and Dad have been together, so she was particularly excited about this!  She had met Jean a few yrs ago though. The sister had been out of the picture for about 40 years until this past winter. I won't go into that. So, it was a very big reunion for everyone there! Dad's brother, John, had a very big party for us. Gosh it sure was a lot of crazy fun meeting so many new peeps! The only thing I didn't like, was the little boys running around the pool! I barked a lot at them!! I even got a a dip in the pool. I wasn't to sure about that, and when Mom let me go, I immediately swam to the side. To much water for me I guess! Mom and Dad were very proud of how I was just settling in, to every place we were going, and didn't care that I was not impressed with the pool at all. The back yard was all fenced in, so for three days, I ran as free as a bird. I believe I lost a few ounces from all that exercise! We got a ton of family pics that we will treasure forever!
Lovies to my NJ and PA peeps!
Miss Mindy

Monday, September 3, 2012

We're BACK!

Gosh! I really missed all my friends here in Blogland! But we sure are back now with a whole lot to tell you! We left home about 10pm, cause Dad likes to drive the first leg of our journey at night. I just snuggled down into my car seat, and went to sleep.
This is Madi's Mom and Dad! We had a picnic lunch with them in a very nice park! I am sniffing for my BFFF, Madi on her Mom's hand. Madi sent me some really nice smell mail along with her parents! I sure have had a great time with it! (mom forgot to take pics of it! DUH!) I really liked my Bloggie friend's parents!

We went into a building to see this carousel, but some mean old lady came and told me to get out, no dogs allowed! Mom had a pic of Andy Griffin and Opie here too, as bronze statues, but it disappeared????

On our walk around the park, I met up with one of my distant cousins. We just sniffed each other all over, then went on our separate ways.

Here's Madi's Mom and my Mom! They both said what a good time they had together! I thought it was quite fun too! I sure got a lot of new smells in this day!

This is my "Back Seat Driver Pose". Since my Dad is an old guy, (tee hee), I had to make sure he knew where he was going!
It sure was nice visiting Raleigh NC and the peeps there!
Lovies, especially to my BFFF Madi,
Miss Mindy