Monday, August 1, 2011

Our House Is Broken!

And for some reason, it is all my fault! I swear, I didn't do anything wrong! But I have been hearing that I broke our house in some way, and Mom and Dad seem to be very happy about it!  I'll tell you what happened. Ever since I came to live here, my pawrents would take me outside and if I did pee pee in the grass, they would get all giddy and happy and pet my head and tell me what a good girl I was. Then we would go in the house an I got a "Pee Pee Cookie". Then sometimes when I went outside, I did poopie in the grass. Same thing, lots of good girls and pats on the head, then got a special poopie cookie. (I really like those Poopie cookies!) If by some chance I got caught in the act of doing these duties in the house, or they found a wet spot on the carpet, I heard a very loud NO! So I quickly would run for cover, usually under the table or a chair. I also heard BAD! Well for two weeks now, I let my pawrents know I gotta go outside. I run to the slider and look up at my leash, and sometimes even scratch the door. Once in awhile, I even want to go outside and do a little pee, just so I can get another of those yummy cookies!
Now you tell me, how did I break the house? I'm just wondering now if I gotta pay for it to be fixed!
Puppy Kisses to All!
Miss Mindy