Monday, February 27, 2012

Memory Monday #4

This photo was taken in 1971 I believe. Sherri and I went on a road trip to Brunswick, Maine, with my Mom and Dad. My sister lived there with her husband, and two children. On the right, is my sister's daughter, Julia. I remember having quite a fun time there. We never got to know Julia real well, since we lived so far away. Julia went to be with the angels, after being in a car accident, in 1975 at just four yrs old. My girls used to send helium balloons up to Heaven for her. My sister made sure my girls knew a lot about Julia through the year. So, my daughters decided, who ever had the first girl, she would be named Julia. Hence, my granddaughter, Julia! My maternal grandmother's name, was also Julia. You have always been in my heart little Julie!