Monday, April 8, 2013

Wood Carving and Miss Mindy

Here are just a sampling of Mom's wood carvings. I sure "wood" love to sink my teeth into that cute little bear! She has been making tons of crochet hooks and letter openers, mostly from Crepe Myrtle tree branches. These will be gifts for every member of her family to give them this summer. Mr Dolphin was her very first project. And Fishy, Fishy sits in one of the headboard cubbies. Hope he doesn't fall on Dad's head some night and bite him! There is even more, but Mom has been very lax with her camera.

I am watching Mom make some Plarn. Does anyone know what Plarn is?

Amid all her crafty doings, my Mom does find time to give me some lovies!!!

That's all for today folks!
Lovies, Miss Mindy