Monday, March 25, 2013

What We Have Been doing

Hello to all my special peeps and four leggers!!! We have been sooooo busy this past month or so while we have been on Hiatus! Mom has a friend in MA who is going to have a girl baby any day now. She decided to make a Bunny Lovie toy and a hoodie sweater for the little baby.

In the top right, is a Duck Tape and plastic bag, purse. This was specially made for a good friend at Olive Garden, who chose the tape. The black part, is made from a plastic bag, that holds bags of peperoncini. There is no smell of peperoncinis on this bag!! Mom calls this, Olive Garden recycling!
In the left side pic, you can see that I am wearing a St Patrick's Day bandanna.Yes, I did get a wee bit of corned beef and potatoes, but no turnip or cabbage!

On the right, the pawrents had a railing put on the back steps! Know why?
Cause they are getting old and decrepit and need something to hold on to!! BAHAHAHAHA!

Now to the most important day! I just celebrated my second Birthday on the 21st! I sure like to get my head way into birthday bags huh? I received this almost indestructible moose toy, that has 5, yes 5 squeakers! I had the very flimsy tail off by the next day! It was just blue hair sticking out of the moose's hiney. So far, so good, for the rest of the toy though. I am have great times with it!

So this is just a very little of what's been going on with the Hood family. There is much more, but not a lot of pics yet. We'll see what we can do to fix that.

Now I am not going to be around all the time, maybe about once a week or so. And this summer, Mom is traveling up north for about three months. So we prolly won't be doing any posting then.

It feels so good to be back in the Blogville Loop!
Lovies, Miss Mindy

PS: I supervised every single one of these crafts, to make sure they were done to perfection!