Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mommy, I'm Sick

Early last week, our little Billy was not feeling very well at all! You can actually see that in his face in the first pic. He was not at all interested in eating, and was having very loose stools. Ralph and I were very concerned, and made an appointment at the vet for him. I took these pics the morning of the appointment, thinking, they could very well be his last. I gave him a "wipie" bath and changed his shirt, so he would be all nice and clean for the Doctor. He is 12 yrs old now, and we were preparing to send him over the Rainbow Bridge. Well.........we were very wrong! He just had an over abundance of bacteria in his stool, that was probably causing the problem! So the doctor gave him a shot, and sent us home with two liquid medications. By the time he got home, the medication that was in the shot, made him feel so much better, that he ate his food right away! He has taken his meds pretty good, and has continued to improve back to his old self! Needless to say, we are breathing sighs of relief, that he will be with us longer!