Monday, January 17, 2011

A Little Patriots Fan

This is what I was doing before the Patriots/Jets games yesterday. Mom was cooking up BBQ Beef in the crock pot, to eat during the game. She was very bored, and just didn't know what to do with her time before the game started. Up and down, up and down.......from her chair, all afternoon! Tried her sock loom, put it down. Did some crocheting, put it down. Fed her face, and didn't give me any, drank ice coffee, and didn't give me any,   wait a minute, I hate ice coffee! (no wonder she didn't give me some!)  But I sure woulda love some of that brownie :(  4:30 just couldn't come fast enough for her! Me?...............I knew how to spend my time until the game started!
It was all downhill right after it started! About the only thing good during the game, was the foodies! The BBQ Beef on a roll was great! Forgot to tell you that Mom also made a wonderful bananna, oatmeal, choc chip bread. Of course I got a piece of that too, without any choc chips! Then...........the game went from bad to worse! Football season is over for us folks! (mom is sighing all over the place)