Tuesday, July 28, 2009

He Loves Me!

Remember when we were young, and we would pick off the daisy petals, saying, he loves me, he loves me not? I really have to giggle when I think of how many times I have done exactly that, right up into my adult life. I use to think, as a child, that there was truth in this silly game. As I have aged, I have learned that there is someone that really loves me! And I don't even have to pick the petals off a flower to know that is true! Our God truly loves me! And you, and you and even you! He tells me, or shows me, every day that He loves me, in one form or another. I might see His love in a baby's sweet smile. Or in a lovely rainbow. Or in the happiness of my dog when I return home. Or a beautiful field of lovely flowers. I could write a book on how He shows me He loves me. Even, after spending four hours in an ER, finding out why I am having such pain in my back, I see, He loves me! I have to say this was the best ER visit I ever had in my life! My doctor called ahead, I got right in without waiting one minute. You see, the thought was, that I had a kidney stone, and my doctor was concerned about kidney function, as I had been so long in pain. (since Saturday). First thing that happened, I met a young man, named Josh, (14), who was volunteering at the hospital for the summer. Was he ever a kind, thoughtful, and caring young man. He already had the bedside manner of a seasoned physician. Very intelligent too! When I first heard the words "you need to go to the ER" I was scared and practically crying. But after meeting Josh, I started feeling calm, and very at peace. All my anxiety just disappeared. Was God speaking through Josh to help me? I believe so, because that is how He works. We just don't always open up our eyes and ears enough, to see Him. Josh, with God's help, set the scene for the rest of my day. The CT scan showed no stone. The x-rays showed no misaligned bones. So apparently, it is a swollen muscle, affecting a nerve. Thank you Lord, that it wasn't more serious! And thank you for opening my eyes to see how you are working in today's youth.