Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

Today, is my baby's 24th birthday! This is Greg, in his stocking, for his first Christmas. He has always had a true mind of his own. When he was only six weeks old, he was quite fussy for a few evenings in a row. It didn't take long for me to realize, the poor baby didn't want anything but his bed! Boy, when he wanted something, he sure let us know real fast! He was the funniest of my four children. If a day went by that he didn't make us laugh, he was probably ill. I have always been thankful for his humor. One of the best things about Greg was, you never knew what he was going to say or do next. It was not an easy task trying to stay one step ahead of him, his entire childhood.
Then.........many years later, Greg had his own son! Ayden is in many ways, just like his dad. I had always warned Greg that payback would be a bummer! I LOVE this photo of him and Ayden

This photo was taken recently, when I went to Massachusetts. When I look at it, I am still seeing and feeling the love!
So............Happy, Happy Birthday Baby! You are my favorite 2nd son. I am so proud of you! I pray for you everyday, and will continue to do so, for the rest of my life. I ask that everyone who visits my blog today, pray for you. God knows the need! I BELIEVE in miracles, after all, I had you for a son! You are one of MY miracles!