Tuesday, September 1, 2009

While The Peeps Are Away.........Somethings Will Play

This past Sunday started out quite well. In fact it was great all day! We went to a friends house and enjoyed a cookout and swimming. Lots of fun! Then...........we came home. To this! This is a corn snake. It is inside my finches bird cage! I had one male and two females. Now............there is only the male left. Boy were we ever shocked! It probably came in through a cable wire hole, right below the table that held the cage. We immediately took the cage outside, and pondered what to do next. By removing the tray and bottom grate, the snake was able to slither out. Now mind you, he had two big lumps on his body, (my finches), so it could have been a little difficult for him to escape from the cage. He didn't seem to be able to wiggle away to fast, he must have been to full. By this time, my hubby was really upset about what our little birds went through, so he grabbed a shovel from the shed. The snake became history! I wonder if the male bird realized what a close call he had. I really wonder what Billy was thinking and doing all the time this was going on. He usually stays on the couch (right near the bird cage), all the time we are gone. I CANNOT STAND the thought of a snake being INSIDE my house! Mice, bugs or other small things,.........easy to get rid of. A three foot long snake..............how do you keep them out? The lesson of this story.........Do not keep small birds as pets!