Monday, July 6, 2009

Senior Citizens, ya gotta LOVE them!

OK folks, now I have surely waited a LONG time to become a senior citizen, and let me tell you, it is SO WORTH IT! Not only do I get some super discounts here and there and everywhere, but I actually get added days to my vacations!!!! Let me explain: I made the plane reservations for Buffalo, sometime early in March. Told everyone I was going to be gone until the 8th of July. OK, so somewhere along the way, amidst all the gray hairs, batwings, and aching muscles, I lost a day! I was saying I was due to fly back to Orlando on the 7th. A few peeps in my life thought they had just forgotten the dates and went along with me as far as the 7th goes. When trying to check into my flight tonight, I was told it was to soon. To soon I thought?????? After all I am leaving on TUESDAY at 5pm! Dumb airline! Went to my original e-mail from airline, in black and white, it says, Wednesday the 8th! Hmmmmm..................Soooooooo here I am............HAPPY AS A PIG IN MUD! Now I certainly love my hubby and my little dog Bill, but am SO HAPPY to have this extra day with my kiddos!!!! I think my hubby is a weeeeeeeeeee bit upset with me. (hehe) Um.............does anyone feel that I have a problem with my brain? I DON'T! (at all)

Furry Friends

I really got a giggle out of all my friends blogs this morning! Makes me miss my little Billy:( But tomorrow he will meet me at th airport with his Daddy, and all of us will have BIG smiles! My daughter has a dog and two cats. Lacey is a black lab/beagle mix, so she is quite the petite pup. Last year she was extreamly skittish with all of us. This year, she LOVES me! She comes up to me a lot, looking for loving or food. She is really a very pretty little girl. I will miss her when I leave. (But I won't miss her barking when her Daddy gets home). Then, there are the two cats, snowball and kiki. Kiki just stays mostly out of every ones way and likes to sneak out the door when I open it. She is also a cat that likes to bite your feet sometimes, if she is in the mood. OUCH! So far, so good this year, no bites for me! Now Snowball on the other hand, is very sociable. She goes up to everyone for some loving. I left my bedroom door open one night, and got woken up to her sniffing around my face. That was a bit scary at first, hehe, but then I realized what and who it was. I found out a few months ago that I probably am allergic to cats. Now after spending a week here, I am wondering if it was just the cat box that I am allergic to. (I had to clean one at a caregiver job, and was quite ill afterward) No cleaning cat boxes for me EVER AGAIN!

It is off to Darien Lake Park for me and the family today. LOTS OF FUN! Can't wait to post some pics when I get home! Much love to all my friends and their fur babies!