Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve Day

OK, so we still got a couple of Christmas pics to share. Then we will get on to 2012! Early Christmas Eve Day, Mom and Dad went over to Downtown Disney, to meet up with an few friends. THEY DID NOT TAKE ME! I sat in my crate for 5 hours, just twiddling my paws! The nerve of them to do this to a poor little innocent puppy, on a very important day! I was quite ticked off! I tried chewing my crate, but for some dumb reason, I just could not bite through the metal!!! They did however, bring me home some all natural pup cookies, from Ms Liz. She is on the left. These three strange ladies, Vicky, in the middle, my Goofy Mom on the right, all went into a store there. They decided to try on different hats for fun. Then they had a lady take a picture of them. I think they are all nuts!! But I did enjoy the cookies Ms Liz!
Lovies, Miss Mindy