Friday, July 3, 2009

Things Have Sure Turned Around!

I am sitting here laughing to myself as the two daughters are just outside this room, bickering about how to do the laundry. Me? I just dumped my few things by the washer and walked away. (hehe). Let one of them take care of it. (hehe) I actually LOVE doing laundry, always have, and never have considered letting someone else do it for me. This is truly a first! I normally would fight for the use of the washing machine! NO ONE can do laundry as WELL AS ME! NO ONE! Just maybe that is not so true anymore. After all my daughters are 39 and 36 yrs old. I think they probably have enough years of experiance under their belts by now. They should be at least half as good as me at this job by now. Being half as good will suffice for this week,(hehe). As I age, I find myself gettin less OCD about different tasks I have to do. Too much of my life was spent striving for perfection. In the process, I probably lost out at a lot of good times. Life is just to short (at my age), to worry about such mundane things as the laundry getting perfectly washed. Besides, it really is a lot MORE FUN, listening to the girls doing it for me!