Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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So, I wasn't to worried yesterday, when Mom found that little knitting hook I chewed up. Know why? Cause I just knew she could fix it! She love that polymer clay stuff and has a bunch of it! She plays with the clay a bit, and put it around the old chewed up handle. Then she bakes it in the toaster oven for awhile.
After it is baked, she cools it off, sticks it upright in some more clay, and paints some shiny glaze on it. Voila! She is done and has a much more comfortable handle than before! She did the same thing to all her crochet hooks at one time. She says, her hands don't get so tired crocheting now with a bigger handle! Well..........here is the truth of the matter! She is just to CHEAP, to go and buy new crochet hooks, that have big handles! The 7th one from the left, tasted pretty good when I got a hold of it a month or so ago. She had to put new clay on it!! BOL. Hey Mom! You forgot to glaze that one!
Lovies, Miss Mindy